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You will write a “Candidate Consultant Paper” paper based on the November election. Take the preside

You will write a “Candidate Consultant Paper” paper based on the November election. Take the presidential election and one of the campaigns (could be the winning or the losing side), then critique the approaches used by the campaign, one that you thought was effective & one that you thought was ineffective (a pro and a con). You will use at least TWO THEORIES from the class to justify your analyses. You can use the same theory as evidence of effectiveness or ineffectiveness (e.g., Theory P worked when using X but when using Z, the campaign made mistakes). Again, you will need to explain the theories and how they fit the situation (you will need to describe the situation well, too).

This paper is to be 4-6 pages in text. If you go slightly over the page limit, that is fine. However, do not go under (being too short will be penalized). You will need at least 5 references for this paper.

The paper is to be double-spaced with one-inch margins and using APA-style for citations and references (a wonderful resource we can use for the class is the Purdue Online Writing Lab ( (Links to an external site.)). When it comes to citations and references, things like Wikipedia and blogs do not count as references, so do not cite them. You can use the textbook as a source, but do not cite it for the theories (go read the original material).

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