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You will be writing a “Motion for Summary Judgment,” in effect. For this paper, I will choose to sid

You will be writing a “Motion for Summary Judgment,” in effect. For this paper, I will choose to side with Epic Brewing (see attached files for the given case this paper is based on). Your motion need not be formatted as such (i.e., not as a legal document), however, it should basically follow an IRAC (Issue, Rule, Application, Conclusion) format. What is the ISSUE, what is the applicable RULE, how do you APPLY the rule to the issue, and what should be the conclusion. You should do this with all of the relevant issues that make your case. Include only one page of an analysis of the given case.

*Address anything that goes against your claim and argues why it is irrelevant/less important/shouldn’t apply. You should write five to six pages for this paper. This is not a long paper, and you want to have plenty of space for analysis. Avoid overly-long introductions and extended discussions of facts that leave little room for analysis. You may use APA style (although I prefer footnotes). Your notes/bibliography/works cited should not be included in your paper length. Fewer than five pages or over six pages will lose points. As always, be CONCISE but be COMPLETE.

You will be graded on:
• An error-free paper (please read back through before submission to ensure that you have removed all errors—spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.)
• Completeness, the most significant part of any paper should be the ANALYSIS or the application of the Rule (law) to the Issue (circumstances).
• Strength of Arguments-Are they well-reasoned? Did you support your arguments and do justice to your case?
• Writing: Is it well-written, coherent, concise (e.g., not wordy)?

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