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You must complete the 3 below exercises using Academic Search Premier, PubMed, and the E-Journals fu

You must complete the 3 below exercises using Academic Search Premier, PubMed, and the E-Journals function available through USF Libraries website ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.).

Here are the exercises and guidelines:

1) Academic Search Premier (ASP)/EbscoHost

You will find hereunder a list of general topics covered in the news:

Gun violence and firearm legislation
How political debates affect voters
How social media affect elections
Negative political ads and effect on voters
Legalization of marijuana
Hurricanes and how they impact population shifts
Flooding, coastal cities, climate change
Immigration and its effects on the U.S. economy
Racial bias in America
1) Select one of these topics and conduct a search in Academic Search Premier about your topic.

Use the Advanced Search option and from the drop-down menu (Select a Field) choose SU Subject Terms. After you click on the Search button, refine your search by using options on the left sidebar, such as “Full text” and “Academic Journals”.

2) Sort your results by “Relevance Sort.”

3) Check the top/most relevant article and write a short summary of it (just a few sentences about the study). Make sure your summary includes the following:

Who conducted the study, when, and who are the researchers (their university affiliation)
What the study researched, what it found (just 1-3 sentences)
What type of scientific method was used for the study (survey, experiment, focus group, interviews, etc.)
4) Copy and paste the link to the article from the Academic Search Premier. This is your proof that you actually used the ASP database to find a study.

IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE TO SELECT A SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH STUDY AND NOT AN OPINION PIECE. A NEWS MEDIA ARTICLE OR AN ARTICLE IN A PROFESSIONAL PUBLICATION IS NOT A SCIENTIFIC STUDY. The best way to verify a scientific study is to choose a research that has the following sections: method, data analysis, and findings.

2) PubMed

Read the hereunder article from South Florida SunSentinel about a set of anti-abortion bills that were discussed in 2012 by the Florida legislature in Tallahassee. All of the discussed measures were passed except for the 20-week abortion limit. The limit for abortions in Florida is 23 weeks (starting week 24, abortion is illegal except for when the mother’s life is in danger). However, there were attempts by the Florida legislature to change the definition of what is the first trimester of a pregnancy.

The story is available at,0,170046.story (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

According to the article, one of the legislators who introduced these bills seeking to forbid abortion after 20-week of fetus development said “in a civil society, people do not tolerate letting people “suffer.” A fetus could feel the impact of an abortion at the 20-week mark, he argued. “They suck their thumbs,” he said. “They get hiccups. They get excited when their mom talks. They feel pain.”“

The article also says: “Davis’ argument is not generally accepted by the scientific community. A fetus may respond to stimuli at that point in its development, researchers say, but its brain may not be formed enough to register pain.”

Your task: Use PubMed to retrieve ANY (one or more, but one is enough) scientific studies about fetus brain reactions to pain.

What to turn in:

The citation for the article you found (copy and paste the search record – the exact citation – from PubMed).
Read the abstract of the article and write a 3-5 sentence summary of what the study did and what it found in relation to fetus pain.
List the keywords/search terms you used to retrieve this article.


Using the E-Journals search of USF Libraries, find one scholarly research journal on the topic of media law (if your major is journalism), photography, broadcast or related visual sciences (if your major is anything related to photojournalism or broadcast), public relations (if you major in PR), or advertising (if your major is advertising or marketing).

What to turn in: the name of and link to the journal. Important: make sure the publication you identified is a research/scholarly journal and not another type of publication.


ASP: 25 pts
PubMed: 20 pts
eJournal: 5 pts

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