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WRITE AN ESSAY OF 6-7 PAGES (APPROXIMATELY 300 WORDS PER PAGE) responding to one of the topics below

WRITE AN ESSAY OF 6-7 PAGES (APPROXIMATELY 300 WORDS PER PAGE) responding to one of the topics below. Count quotations from the text you use as evidence–evidence, that is, of your assertions–as part of the word count, but beware of filling up space with over-quoting. The final draft will be typed, double-spaced. Late papers will be penalized. Narrow your focus carefully so that there will be room to be very detailed and concrete in your analysis. Every essay needs very specific development (assertion, evidence and explanation) in order to be persuasive. Remember the basics of textual analysis: assertion (a clear main overall thesis) about the text(s), in direct response to the topic question, logically organized sub-points in support of your thesis, examples from the text that show your point, explanation of how the examples fit what you are asserting about them. Also note: avoid summarizing the text(s); assume your readers have read the subject text(s). Base your analysis on your reading of the text, on in-class discussion, and on your notes. Aside from one critical source, please do not add any outside sources or additional research to your response. See me with questions, if you like, as you plan your essay. We will discuss your plan/rough draft of your essay, for approval, the week of November 9; show me a partial or substantial rough draft.

This essay will be approximately 5% research based. This is a very limited research component; much of this paper concerns your analyzing 2-3 texts from the syllabus, you examining the texts, and coming up with a response of your own to the topic question you choose. The secondary source is secondary to your task here. You are to find one critical source gained from library research, not internet searching, and attempt to integrate it into your response to the topic question you choose; however, do not allow the use of outside source material to govern the construction of your paper. The SLCC Library should be a main resource, along with its reference databases (often with full-text articles you can print) and its librarians. Our librarians are trained to be able to look at your topic and give suggestions on how to narrow the topic and on where to direct you for database searching. Avoid simple internet searching; search literary databases that the library gives you access to. Finding a source on only one of the authors is acceptable.
You will include a copy of the source with your final draft.
The Gale group, MLA bibliography, the Twayne Author series, Ebscohost, Magill on Literature, the Literature Resource Center, Web of Science, and Infotrac, Scribner, and other literature and humanities databases are useful. Full text articles you find can be printed, if the article is useful, there in the reference area. Also, see the Library’s page on the college site for how to access databases from your home computer.
Do not use Internet-searched sources.
Cite sources in your text using in-text, parenthetical citations. Your works cited page will list one entry.
See Purdue Owl for MLA works cited entry examples. Look for “An Article from an Online Library Database.”
Use MLA style title page and pagination, MLA in-text citation form for page references from the Norton text and from the critical source you use, and MLA Works Cited page to cite the source you use (you do not need to cite the Norton in your works cited page).
There are three ways to bring text evidence for your assertion into your essay: summary, paraphrase, quotation. No matter which way you use, cite in text by author and page #. When quoting more than four lines of prose, set off the quotation by indenting each line 10 spaces or 2 tabs in, continuing to double-space everything in your essay. You will cite in parenthetical references the Norton text pages #s as well as from your one critical source. Cite page references not only for quoted material but also for summarized and paraphrased material. You will include a copy of the source with your essay package.

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