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Write an APA 6th Edition paper, 5-7 double-spaced pages in length, on someone of your choosing who i

Write an APA 6th Edition paper, 5-7 double-spaced pages in length, on someone of your
choosing who is currently in an executive position or in a leadership role. They should be considered a
C-Level (CEO, CIO, CFO, etc.) executive or in a prominent leadership position. At a minimum this
person needs to be responsible for a significant function in an organization and have supervisory
responsibility over others. The interview may be conducted on the phone, virtually, or in person (your
methodology or mode of conducting the interview, must be documented in your paper). This paper must
include a minimum of five (5) peer-reviewed, refereed journal articles pertaining to your subject’s ethics.
As a guideline, your paper should include:
a. DESCRIBE: A description of the subject’s ethical beliefs and practices. In two pages
(approximately) you should address the following: What challenges have they encountered in the
workplace that have shaped their views on ethics? How have they addressed those challenges
(their ethical reasoning)?
b. ANALYZE: An analysis of the subject’s ethics. How did he or she evolve their view of ethics?
What ethical theories are expressed or implied in his or her discussion of ethics. Examine
whether there were inconsistencies, deficiencies, inadequacies in his or her ethical theory. If
there were no shortcomings, account for the strength of the subject’s ethical position. What
motivated the leaders to act appropriately or inappropriately, in your opinion? This should be
approximately two-three pages.
c. SYNTHESIZE and EVALUATE: Do you agree with your subject’s approach to ethics? If not,
why not, and if so, then why? What did you learn from this interview and your research? About
two pages are adequate for this portion.

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