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Write a Three page paper on the Remind app. include why the North Central Missouri College campus sh

Write a Three page paper on the Remind app. include why the North Central Missouri College campus should frequently use this app, how it is helpful for faculty use ; setting up meetings, and any construction updates; also uses for student use: if the class is meeting in different room, if a class is cancelled. My group talked to the Dean of Instruction (Sharon Weiser) and will be vouching for this app in an orientation meeting on Feb. 16.
include what the group task is and what step of the problem solving method is being reported on.

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This assignment contributes to fulfilling NCMC’s general education competencies in problem-solving and in managing information. You develop these skills by collaborating with your classmates, researching, and using this research to solve systematically a specific problem. Each group member earns an individual grade.
You and your group are to focus on and investigate a concern related to NCMC either directly or indirectly. Your group’s topic will be chosen in class. Treat Mrs. Wiebers as a group member during your deliberations. Invite her to meetings and include her in electronic correspondence to the group so she can assist you. This assignment has both oral and written components. Your group will hold as many meetings outside class time as are necessary to complete its preparations. A discussion board also will be created on Blackboard so you can meet without having to be in the same place simultaneously.

Once your group decides on a task, the group will research the history, the causes/effects and the proposed solution. Your group may not invent facts or alter reality. Proposed solutions will be evaluated for feasibility, so do not manufacture information. These group projects are REAL. Please take pride in your work. You are representing your group and our class.
Using the problem-solving method as your group’s standard agenda, work together to solve the problem. Here are the basic steps in your decision-making. They should be completed in the order listed.
1. What is the problem? What is the situation in which the problem is occurring? What in general is the difficulty? How did the difficulty arise? What is its importance to the audience? What are the meanings of any terms that need clarifying? What caused the problem? What effects show that a problem exists? How serious are the effects? What is causing the problem? Are the causes inherent in the problem situation? Have previous attempts been made to solve the problem?
2. What are the criteria for solutions? What are the time constraints? How much money will be needed? What kinds of personnel needs (numbers and skills) are involved? Whose interests should be served? Which stakeholders are most important (example: students, faculty, staff, community members)?
3. What are possible solutions to the problem? Does the solution correct the causes of the problem? General considerations: Is the solution workable, is it economical, is it the best possible way to solve the problem, will it produce more benefits that disadvantages, are the benefits significant, is the proposed solution just, is it moral, will it get the job done effectively, is it clear and will it be harmful in any way?
4. What is the best solution to the problem? What is the exact nature of each solution? How would it remedy the problem? How well would it satisfy the criteria? Would a combination of solutions be best?
5. How can the selected solution be implemented? Who is responsible for implementation? Is it workable? Should the solution be phased in or implemented immediately? How will you determine whether your solution has worked?
6. How can the solution be tested? How will we know whether the solution is working? What do we do if the proposed solution fails

A minimum of three outside sources are required to be used and cited in proper APA citation format within each student’s written report. These sources must be actually used in your report and incorporated into your discussion. Remember that the group should not speculate about facts and possible solutions. Group members are expected to research issues relevant to their topic. Research can be employed at many stages throughout the group’s deliberations. For example, research might be important in answering the following types of questions:
• Where and when have similar problems arisen? (Define the problem)
• What solutions have been attempted in coping with similar problems? (Establish criteria for evaluating solutions, Identify possible solutions, Evaluate solutions)
• Which solutions have succeeded or failed and why? (Evaluate solutions, Select best solutions)
• What can you learn from analogous problems and solutions? (Select best solutions, Test selected solutions)
• Who can offer information that will contribute to your group understanding the problem and its possible solutions? (All stages)
Consider carefully the problem-solving step each group member will discuss in their written report.
The grading form you see for this assignment is the exact form I will use to determine grades for each group member. In your report and in your group meetings, explicitly employ the group problem-solving method techniques discussed in the readings for Chapter 15 and Chapter 16. Make sure your research is reliable and accurate. The following sources may be consulted, but do not count toward the minimum research requirement:
• Our textbook for this course
• Notes or class discussions from this course
• Your instructor for this course
• More than one personal interview per group member
Surveys may be performed, but do not count toward fulfilling the minimum research requirement.
You must discover the information and then evaluate it. Among the sources that you should consider for securing information are interviews with people close to the problem, surveys of the people involved, and secondary sources available in the library. Each member of your group is responsible for finding at least three (3) pieces of reliable, accurate, researched information.

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