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Write a general response for each questions. Questions must be in bold, answers must be a paragraph

Write a general response for each questions. Questions must be in bold, answers must be a paragraph each.

1. How is subculture theory (Fischer) different from determinist theory (Wirth)?
2. Describe the ecological understanding of the city that developed in the Chicago school?
3. How did Robert Moses’ Cross Bronx Expressway project change urban life?
4. Describe Jan Jacobs’ understanding of urban social life.
5. How is the earlier communal ghetto distinct from they hyperghetto?
6. What social factors support maintenance of ethnic or racial identities, especially for the children of immigrants?
7. How do (recent) immigrants and their children fit into urban stratification patterns?
8. Social class and race arguably have shaped city residents’ opportunity structure more than other social characteristics. In what ways have they influenced city life? Which one has had a bigger impact?

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