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Write a 4-7 page essay double spaced. Assume that you are writing for someone who knows nothing abou

Write a 4-7 page essay double spaced. Assume that you are writing for someone who knows nothing about philosophy, so define your terms, and introduce the issues clearly.

Prompt: Would Socrates want to live in Plato’s repurified city (the one described in books II-V)? Why or why not? What does this reveal about their respective attitudes towards education and philosophy? What accounts for any differences they might have? Aim for philosophical more than biographical differences here.
Be sure to describe the repurified city and explain why and how Plato cam up with it detail (hint: this will involve summarizing the line of reasoning in Books II-V)
Finally, do you think it would be good for people to live in a city like this? Why or why not? Base your answer on evidence about human beings that would be valid for any rational person, not just someone who believes what you, Socrates, or Plato happen to believe.

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