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Work Force and History of the SawMilling Industry Overview My group and I have chosen NAICIS Code

Work Force and History of the SawMilling Industry

My group and I have chosen NAICIS Code 32113, Sawmill. The United States Sawmill industry consist of saw dimensioning lumber, boards, beams, timbers, poles, ties, shingles and shakes etc. The industry is responsible for the smooth boards we see in our hard wear stores. Education wise, if you can pass the safety training required to work with sawmills you can find yourself a job in the industry. This industry relying heavily on residential and nonresidential construction markets. The growth expectancy of this industry is scheduled to rise at a moderate rate over the next five years. When dimensioning lumber specification can change by the day sawmill manufacturers must be able to me design changes by the hour. The market for this industry is saturated globally and shows no sign of decline anytime soon.

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