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why do families have to take care of their elderly parents?

Hi I need help with my college essay, i am having trouble editing, revising and rewording it. Specifically I need to fix grammer and punication and transitions words I want the academic thesis to make sense essay. Cause Essay Topic cuases why families have to take care of their elderly parents? Thesis Becuase of financial cituation, health reasons, safety reason.Well Written! ATTACHMENT PREVIEW Download attachment Families have an obligation to take care of elderly their elderly parents. Our parents have been our direct support system when we were in need. They have given us endless sacrifice and made us who we are today, and it?s important we take care of our elderly in their winning years. Three factors that cause families a need to take care of their elderly parents are financial concerns, and safety reasons and health reasons. Many elderlies are financially unstable; this is because the elderly run into situations, such as, inflation. For instance, as elderly age, food and service starts to be more expensive for them. For instance, life policy and expensive Medicaid insurance. Then, many elderlies are can?t find jobs and are unemployed so it’s really hard for them to pay their bills or services, thus, many elderlies are forgetting bills considering their mobility. Due to, to financial issues is elderly hitting early retirement; granted that it?s because elderly retirement is when they have reached a stage where they can work anymore because they might have physical injuries. On early retirement parents, can be advised to take long term care insurance, have an investment professional to advise them and save. Notably, it can also, because elderly don?t have any money saved leftover to buy a house, with is in mind, they need families to take care of them. And so many elderlies, living in poverty or have so much debt, and just can?t pay. Furthermore, elderly that have low income, is also an issue because many elderly, may not be able to afford, medication, transportation, Caregiving, or to leave a public nursing facility and adult daycares. These financial issues are very important because It causes family to pitch in and take care of your elderly parent. Another reason, that causes families the need to assist their elderly parents is because of elderly health problems. Some problems can be physical disabilities, decline in health with living longest, and mental illness. For example, for many families? many elderlies 65 and over start to View the Answer develop physical disability is an issue because as elderly age, they start developing major health issue like encounter spinal cord injury, chronic fatigue and sizes, or in a wheel chair. These medical issues case family to hire a home doctor, like a caregiver, nurse, or a cafe that would take good care of their parents, providing them with good nutrients and vitamin they need. Many families also, like to share their Medicaid with parents, and make sure they get all good benefits they need. Being that, with age comes elderly comes mental illness, were at elderly age they live with their children because might have Alzheimer?s disease, depression and anxiety and need families help instead of Caregiving help, many elderly get violence and depressed and unhappy, and start physically throwing tantrums, forgetting how to eat, and learn so to prevent suicidal thoughts, elderly like to be very close to their love ones instead of going to hospital care homes, that will upset them. Proper personal care, money management and home management like shopping for the parents can equally prolong their lives. Finally, because Most of the elderly lose their ability to see and hear, safety reason for the elderly are important issue this is because the most elderly risk develop dementia, or visual loss, or sometimes elderly just drives really slow Leaving them to move any locomotive can be perilous. The family can organize foe either private chauffeurs or specialized minibus or a family member to be driving the parents. Then, when the elderly has visual problems or may blind families would usually buy hem a cane with a training, safety dog that will direct them wherever they go. Thus, families usually take on their parents to do other basic stuff like transport through another problem though is scam protection. Elderly people are noted to be prone to scams such as email, fraudulent anti-aging products and repair frauds, and even been taking advantage of their lawyers, overall these people would see how weak the elderly are and run away with their Show entire document Surname 1 Name Instructor Course Date Why families have to take care of their elderly parents In the contemporary society, families have duties of taking care of their elderlies. For instance,… Hello friend,… View the full answer   Share this:TwitterFacebook

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