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What life experiences and personal qualities will make you an outstanding professional nurse?

ESSAYS Your page essay should include your name and date and must address all of the following: ? What life experiences and personal qualities will make you an outstanding professional nurse? ? Describe how you approach learning and the strategies that you use to improve your results if you encounter a learning challenge. ? What type of personal support system do you plan to have while completing your degree at UST?This paper is for admission purpose into nursing school. Please kindly edit my work and add more words to make it competitive for a better chance of gaining admission.two thathan thathan thathan thathan longer no be should essay Your fontthathan thathan thathan thathan longer no be should essay Your fonttwo two new rom, ,time new roman,time new roman,time new roman,time new roman,time new roman,time new roman,time new roman,time with pointtwoStudents name: Professor: Course: Date: Personal Statement Ever since I was a baby, I always wanted to be a nurse. Most people view science as a chore, but for me, it’s a hobby, when I think about science I only see joy, excitement, and fun, and that is why I decided to pursue a course in nursing. I remember one time in fourth grade; my friend hurt herself while others were panicking and rushing for help, I bent down to give her first aid. Since then I started seeking out how to help hurt and sick people, first on the television then in first aid programs at the school. I had a passion and drive for helping and been that kind of a person who makes a difference. Participating in first aid training made me feel like a kid in a candy store, and I loved it. I worked hard in school remembering what my folks used to say; nothing comes easy in this life if it’s worth having. Growing up, I went through many ordeals and life experiences that light the way to my career choice today. I witnessed many family members and friends go to the hospital day in, day out and some get better while others didn’t make it. With my first aid training, I always wished that I could do more to help. Have you ever wanted to be accountable for someone’s wellbeing other than yours? This is what I wanted for myself. I worked with NHS as a healthcare assistant in London for three years and also for one year as a patient pathway. You see to me nursing is not just a career but a calling and a responsibility. When you check-in a patient, ask them what is the problem and you ensure they get the right help not only do you find pleasure in knowing their welfare but you take it upon yourself to ensure you give them your best. As a healthcare assistant, I had to go miles even in the smallest things. Being a patient pathway made me learn a lot about patients. I had to outline the patients’ journey in the hospital, since the time they get in until they leave. I have seen people come to the hospital with different issues, if you can’t do anything to help all is left is to be compassionate and encourage them all will be well. I genuinely possess those qualities to make someone feel they are okay even when they are not okay. Nursing just like any other course needs determination and strength that is why I prefer to approach learning as a new exciting experience each time. To me, every content has something to teach us, but whenever I encounter a challenge, I prefer first to use materials that have been known to be effective on the area I have a challenge and see what it has to say. If this doesn’t work, I obtain support where it’s available, from the education specialist or even fellow students. I know I want to be a qualified and competent nurse and UST is going to help me achieve this. Nurses see things they are not supposed to see, and despite these challenges, they have to be strong enough to pull through the bad times and conduct themselves professionally. In UST I plan to be responsible and learn all content both in class and outside. I intend to consult with colleagues who have same ambitions as me and ask my tutors for help whenever I have a challenge. In NHS, I developed conducts with graduates who can also help me in my studies. I hope that you give me the opportunity to pursue my life dreams. Nursing is a mighty job that will enable me to have the ability to influence others and change someone’s life. I am ready for any task and challenge that the university will offer me, and I am confident I will reach my goals and be a nurse no matter how t it will be. I will turn all the experiences I have in every situation I will encounter and add all the teachings in UST, and at the end of the day, I will be an exceptional nurse. You have many cliches? in your essay. Please don’t start out your esaay with “Ever since I was a baby” which is a cliche?…. View the full answer   Share this:TwitterFacebook

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