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Using Official Crime Data

1.Read the article ‘The Street-level Information Economics Activities: Estimating the Yield of Begging in Brussels’ (This article can be found at the website link in the Reading & Study folder). Based on the principles of survey research noted in Chapter 1 of The Mismeasure of Crime textbook, describe your thoughts on trusting the research used in the article. Describe the limitations of the research and article. Would you base public policy with respect to beggars off of this article?2. Topic: Evidence-Based Policing Read Chapter 2 of the Bachman textbook, Chapter 2 of the Mosher textbook, and the website article ‘Evidence-Based Policing’ before discussing the following prompts:Describe the major tenants of evidence-based policing.How do the tenants relate to research in criminal justice?In what areas is evidence-based policing already being used?What are the areas where evidence-based policing is already being used?What are the steps you would take to convince a department not using evidence-based policing to use it? 3. Topic: Using Official Crime Data After reading Chapter 3 of the Mosher textbook, ‘An Arresting Experiment: Domestic Violence Victim and Perceptions’ by Miller, and ‘Controlling a Jail Population by Partially Closing the Front Door’ by Baumer and Adams, discuss the following prompts: How important is it to use official crime data?What are some issues with using official crime data?What public policy changes could be made by relying upon the 2 articles? Instructions: You will complete the assigned readings and post a 250-word thread answering the assigned Discussion Board Forum prompt. The Post First feature has been activated in the Discussion Board Forums for this course. You will need to post your thread before you will be able to view and reply to other students’ threads. Each thread: Must have a minimum of 2 references properly formatted in current APA.Must be submitted in the Discussion Board Forum’s textbox. It must be properly formatted and in current APA format (attachments will not be accepted).Must have a substantive Christian worldview backed by a solid Holy Bible reference.

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