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Using a story that you like from Chapter 8, write a 2-3 page literary analysis of one or more of the

Using a story that you like from Chapter 8, write a 2-3 page literary analysis of one or more of the story’s literary elements. Please consult at least one secondary source to provide evidence and/or information to direct your analysis. (Do not use sources such as Schmoop, eNotes, Sparknotes, et al.)
Analysis is a word from Greek that means “breaking up.” An analysis essay is defined as an essay that breaks a work into its elements, and usually, studies one part closely. A topic of an analysis might be how the title in “A Rose for Emily” helps the reader understand the purpose of the story. In this essay, you would concentrate on explaining the title and how it is used throughout the story. What does it allude to? How does it create meaning in the story? Why is it necessary?
“To write an analysis essay, remember three key points:
Focus on a single, manageable element (see the PowerPoint)
Show how this element contributes to the meaning of the whole
Support your claims with specific references to the work you are analyzing”
Use the example in your book beginning of page 1122 as a reference.
Research the author and the timeline of the story.
Know the following for your story:

Narration/point of view

Find a critical analysis of your story in Bloom’s, read it, and summarize!
Pick a story element about which to write and write your thesis statement.
Show how the element(s) contributes to the meaning of the whole
No element exists apart from the all the others, but by understanding the element(s) you are discussing, the reader has more thorough understanding of the overall story.
Support your theories with specific references to the work and the critical analysis.
A few tips:
Don’t anthropomorphize! Stories do not talk
Use a hook to draw the reader in
Remember do NOT use I, me, mine, et al or you!
Don’t forget to cite your critical analysis
Here’s how to cite the story.
Use this source because there is not a criticism over this story:
“Margaret Atwood.” Literature, 1 Jan. 1970,
This is a literary analysis for a High school class.
To show an understanding of the text and how an author uses the literary elements within the text
NOT simply to re-tell or to summarize the plot.
I think this story emphasizes on tone and irony throughout the story.

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