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Unfair Advertising
In the US, the Federal Trade Commission regulates advertising on the basis of two criteria: deception and unfairness.
• Part 1: Discuss (generally) how can an ad be unfair? Who gets hurt by deceptive advertising? Use the decision making process from Chapter 2 determine when or how an ad can be unfair, and examine the stakeholders to decide who gets hurt by deceptive advertising.
• Part 2: Pick one company (Volkswagen LINK^^!!!) that violated the FTC guidelines. Analyze this marketing example in light of what you wrote for Part 1. Moreover, do you agree with the FTC’s assessment of misleading environmental marketing examples? If you agree, what could be changed about the marketing of the example you chose to make it more ethical? If you don’t agree, defend your position (including whether you agree it may be misleading but perhaps your reasoning is different than the FTC’s) and address whether the ad is ethical.
Hint: you may wish to review the FTC’s most recent “green guides” –

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