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Use this hypothesis to be used in the paper **** Hypothesis: “Children who engage in violent video

Use this hypothesis to be used in the paper ****

“Children who engage in violent video games engage in more aggressive acts in comparison to children who do not play violent video games. “*****

Use these following peer reviewed articles below*****

1. Sauer, J. D., Drummond, A., & Nova, N. (2015). Violent video games: The effects of narrative context and reward structure on in-game and postgame aggression. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 21(3), 205–214. https://doi

2. Velez, J. A., Greitemeyer, T., Whitaker, J. L., Ewoldsen, D. R., & Bushman, B. J. (2016). Violent video games and reciprocity: The attenuating effects of cooperative game play on subsequent aggression. Communication Research, 43(4), 447–467.

3. Jabr, M. M., Denke, G., Rawls, E., & Lamm, C. (2018). The roles of selective attention and desensitization in the association between video gameplay and aggression: an ERP investigation. Neuropsychologia, 112, 50–57.

The paper will consist of 4 primary sections: Introduction, Method, Results, and Discussion.
Below is a rubric for the final paper. This rubric tells you all the sections that are required for the papera.
Introduction/Literature Review:should present a general purpose of the paper (presenting your topic)and provide an overview of the literature that covers information relevant to both the independent and dependent variable. The literature review should provide previous research that builds up to and supports your hypotheses.
The introduction section should end with a statement of purpose (e.g., The purpose of the present study is to identify the relationship between student type and school spirit in college students). The final sentence should be a presentation of your hypothesis (e.g., It is hypothesized that…)
Method Section: explains what was done and must include three sections:
i.Participants: This subsection provides information about the total sample size for the study, the number of women and men, the mean and standard deviation of age, a breakdown of the ethnicities, or other applicable descriptive information that relates to your study.
ii.Procedure: A step-by-step guide of how you conducted your research.This should be discussed in great detail, so that other researchers know exactly what the participants went through in order to set up the study in the exact same way.
iii.Measures: Provide information of what the IV and the DV are. Provide an overview of the measures used, including: the number of items in the scale and possible response options.You should also provide information about how the scale was scored. For each published measure that you describe, you should provide the citation for it. c.
Results Section-details the analysis that was done and results found. Typically, this involves the presentation of numbers in the text, and a table of numbers.The table should be presented at the end of the paper (last page, after references), and it should be referenced in the results section (e.g., “see Table 1”). Table must be in APA style.
d.Discussion Section -sets the results into a larger context and relates your findings to prior research that was discussed in your literature review.The following points should be addressed:
i.There should be a summary of the main findings(without numbers), following by conclusions for the analysis (e.g., There is a significant difference between X and Y in population
A).ii.This is followed by a discussion of the implications of the findings; perhaps you can think of some clinical implications, public policy implications, theoretical implications, etc.
iii.There should be a discussion of the limitations of the current study.How could your methodology have been strengthened?
iv.There should be a discussion of future directions(perhaps your analyses lead to new questions). What do your results mean for the research of future scholars?
v.The discussion should end with a conclusion, in which you present a take-away message.
For the current paper, you will be required to find at minimum 4 previous research (empirical) articles that should be cited in the introduction and discussion (these are beyond the citations for the scales in the methods section). These must be peer-reviewed and published in academic journals. You may use more than 4 articles, should you feel the need to do so.
The paper MUST be in APA format. This includes a title page, and a reference page.

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