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Use the traditional method of hypothesis testing to test the given claim about the means of two populations. Assume that two dependent samples have been randomly selected from normally distributed populations.

Create a Prezi presentation in which you propose a short training demo for new teachers, selecting one (1) philosophical approach to multicultural education as described by the author. Use multicultural resources of your choice to support your examples. Create a fifteen to thirty (15-30) slide Prezi presentation in which you: 1.Create a section (five to ten [5-10] slides) in which you: a.Compare and contrast three to five (3-5) diversity theories, focusing on their application to a classroom environment. b.Analyze key instances in which you have experienced each diversity theory in action in your own life, focusing on events that took place in a K-12 environment. c.Provide between three to five (3-5) images that demonstrate diverse classrooms in each instance discussed in the question above. 2.Create a section (five to ten [5-10] slides) for multicultural approaches in which you: a.Design a unit that relates to your grade level and area of instruction that focuses on the approach to multicultural education you have selected. b.Choose resources that could be used to deliver this unit. Consider the use of any appropriate adaptive learning technologies as well as incorporating International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) National Educational Technology Standards (NETS). c.Recommend at least three (3) strategies that teachers can choose from to integrate multicultural techniques into their classrooms. 3.Create a section (five to ten [5-10] slides) for philosophies of multicultural education in which you: a.Create a diagram that demonstrates your personal philosophy of multicultural education and its major applications to a K-12 curriculum. b.Determine which evaluation criteria you would use to examine the effectiveness of a multicultural curriculum. Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements: Follow APA for formatting guidelines. Check with your professor for any additional instructions. Include a cover slide containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover slide and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length. Directions for submitting your presentation: Submit your presentation to the area designated by your professor. Review at least two (2) other classmates’ presentations and post a response indicating what you learned by identifying two (2) specific points that were made in the presentation. The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are: Examine and analyze various diversity theories and apply them to the learning environment. Identify instructional strategies that are applicable to the K-12 diverse learning environment. Formulate a personal and professional philosophy with respect to multicultural education. Use technology and information resources to research issues in diversity in K-12 education. Write clearly and concisely about diversity in K-12 education using proper writing mechanics. Click here to view the grading rubric for this assignment.

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