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Unit 9 assigment ABA 2 What is the target behavior(s) that you will plan to address? Write a target behavior definition How would you first assess William? Discuss the rationale for your choice of assessment.

In Unit 3, you defined types of need and discussed how they apply to a community provider of respite care services, Care Relief. As you will recall, Care Relief is seeking consultation to address a number of employee and management issues including: tardiness, inattentiveness, and unprofessional behavior have been identified. In this Discussion consider where you can find information about the needs identified for Care Relief and how you can collect this information. One of the tools that can be utilized to collect data on needs within an organization is a survey. Using the information you find on surveys in your web resource this week, complete the following: 1. Identify one type of need specific to Care Relief’s issues 2. Explain specifically what survey tool you would use to collect data on this need based on your web resource about surveys. Why would you use the survey tool you chose? 3. Provide one sample question you would include in that survey tool. Why? Important: Each intern should pick a different type of need until all have been discussed. In responding to other interns, respectfully give your opinion whether you agree or disagree with the intern’s post and explain your reasoning. Reference: Kettner, M., P., Moroney, M., R., Martin, L., L. (03/2012). Designing and Managing Programs: An Effectiveness-Based Approach, 4th Edition. [VitalSource Bookshelf Online]. Retrieved from

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