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Unit 4 Discussion real-life healthcare organizations

PS101 – M06 Introduction to Psychology Study Guide for Test #4 Material Covered: Chapters 13, 14, 15 Multiple Choice Questions (30): Components of psychoanalytic theory of personality: Id, Ego, Superego Defense mechanisms: Projection, Displacement, Sublimation Methods of psychoanalytic analysis: Guided interview, projective tests Big five personality traits: CANOE Reciprocal Determinism (social/environmental effect on personality) Self-esteem and self-efficacy Self-serving bias Individualism and collectivism Etiology – definition Epigenetics and disorders Purpose of DSM-V and classification of mental disorders Anxiety disorders – define and possible causes Major depressive disorder – define and symptoms Brain changes during depression Explanatory styles and depression Rumination Symptoms of schizophrenia Genetic and biological influences for schizophrenia Personality disorders – borderline, narcissistic, antisocial Risk factors for eating disorders Techniques of psychoanalysis – resistance, interpretation, transference Client-centered therapy Exposure therapy Cognitive-behavioral therapy Anti-anxiety and antidepressant drugs Brain stimulation Psychosurgery   Short Answer Questions (answer both): 1)     Risk factors and protective factors for psychological disorders 2)     Three ways in which a person and environment interact, and how they can affect personality (Page 512-513 of text) a.       Our personality causes us to seek out different environments b.      Our personality shapes how we interpret and react to things c.       Our personality helps create new situations to which we react

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