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Unit 2: Module 2 – M2 Assignment 2

Choose from one of the two options below to create a flowchart, and then complete a summary on cost controls and resource management systems. Use either Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® PowerPoint®, or Visio® to build the flowchart. Option 1 Point-of-Sale (POS) and Inventory Tracking Flowchart Develop a flowchart that illustrates how an IT system organizes customer transactions for accounting processes and reports.   In 350 words, explain how the POS system and inventory tracking system integrate operations and accounting systems.   Option 2 Production Systems and Management Controls Flowchart Demonstrate with a flowchart how a customer transaction works from the front end to the back end.   In 350 words, explain how production systems and management controls work together to increase efficiency.     Write a 700-word summary that explains accounting control strategies in relation to the degree of hospitality technology investment.    Compare how point-of-sale tracking systems and inventory tracking systems work together in the hospitality industry.   Examine how hospitality accounting strategies relate to investment.Analyze how accounting control strategies affect the productivity of point-of-sale, inventory tracking, production systems, and management controls.Compare the features and benefits of internal property management systems with external global distribution systems.  Which one offers the best overall competitive advantage, and why? Format your paper according to APA guidelines. Click on the Assignment Files tab to submit your flowchart and review.

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