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Topic/event: 1680 Pueblo Revolt Assignment: Write an expository essay about this event. The Pueblos

Topic/event: 1680 Pueblo Revolt

Assignment: Write an expository essay about this event. The Pueblos had been exploited for decades before rising up to expel the Spanish from New Mexico. Why might they have waited so long? In your expository essay (informative facts, cause and effect) be sure and cover some of the reasons why this may have been the case.

Letter of the governor and captain-general, Don Antonio de Otermin, from New Mexico, in which he gives him a full account of what has happened to him since the day the Indians surrounded him. [September 8, 1680.]
(Translation from C. W. Hackett, ed., Historical Documents relating to New Mexico, Nueva Vizcaya, and Approaches Thereto, to 1773, vol. III [Washington: Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1937] pp. 327-35.)
Spanish and Indian versions of the events, gathered 1680-1682 – read the brief summary then click “read this document” in the menu to the right side, then click “text” on the pdf and read through some of the testimonies:

Remember this is an expository essay – do some research on what is required if you aren’t sure, but essentially it is just the facts, cause and effect, an informative essay telling the story of a factual event. The only difference is that you must cover some of the reasons why it may have taken the Indians so long to begin this rebellion.

In your essay, think historically and try to include the following:

Explain how individuals or groups experienced this event differently.

Analyze why individuals or groups acted as they did.

Explain how individuals, or the groups involved, relate to the larger scope of history – did they set the stage for future historical events or were they responding to events already in motion?

Relate the events to previous or future historical events or times – think about how this event was relayed to the public and if either side made use of the debate as propaganda.

For the essay: You must use and correctly cite 3 sources in your essay. You may use 2 of the readings above if you wish, but you must find a 3rd relevant source, for a total of at least 3 sources. (NO Wikipedia! There are plenty of college level academic or scholarly sources you can use – look for .edu or .org for mostly reliable sources. If you are unsure, check with me first through the outline assignment).

Format: Your essay must be 3 full pages in length, typed (on a computer), double-spaced throughout, using a 12 point Times New Roman font, with one inch (1”) margins on all sides. In the upper right corner of the first page type only your name, no cover page required. You must cite sources with footnotes or endnotes (see the citing tips in the Student Resources module). Check your punctuation, paragraph indentation, and capitalization before submitting. Be sure to proof read it, or have someone do this for you, before submission. Brief quotes (with quotation marks) are acceptable, but must be cited correctly and they must be relevant. Submit your outline and essay through the assignment portals by the due dates below

Essay expands on the following questions:

1. With regard to the 1680 Pueblo Revolt: what are some cause and effect issues you could investigate?

The main cause of the Pueblo Revolt was the fact that the Spanish tried to force the Native people to
convert to christianity, oppressing the indigenous people and deriving them of their religious customs, as an effect of this, a Native Pueblo man, Popé, led the rebellion by killing nearly 400 Spanish colonizers including 30+ Spanish priests.

2. What are some reasons you can think of that would reveal why the Indians waited so long to begin this massive rebellion?

I believe that the Native people waited so long to revolt for a number of reasons. I think that the revolt was a long time coming, but they had a lot to consider before rebelling, like observing the Spaniards way of life, observing their survival and fighting tactics, and determining their weaknesses.

3. What are some reasons why the Indians, led by Popé, finally rebelled against the Spanish?

Pope finally rebelled against the Spanish when the Spaniards began to derive them of their religious customs. Popé revolted with the intent to get revenge and maintain traditional Native practices and religious customs.

4. How will you describe the reactions of the Spanish colonists, soldiers, friars, and government officials to the Revolt?

The revolt concluded with around 400 Spanish dead, and the remaining 2,000 settlers out of the Native people land. The Spanish returned around two years later.

5. What other information will you cover that will inform the reader about this event?

I will be sure to include information from all sides and points of views of this historical event, such as the events leading up to the revolt, and how it shaped history to this day.

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