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This is one of the main written assignments for the course so you are expected to include (2) refere

This is one of the main written assignments for the course so you are expected to include (2) references to the sources that you use, plus the book. Two sources must be articles from the electronic databases in the Library, not websites. When you look for sources, look for articles from business journals and magazines. Use your text as a reference. Therefore, you will have (at least) three references listed on your reference page – your text and two other references.

Your paper must be 4 double spaced pages, not including a coversheet (which is optional) and reference sheet. Use normal margins and normal spacing between paragraphs, 12 point font, and double spacing.

This assignment will be checked by plagiarism software and if there is plagiarism, the assignment will receive a zero (0), the student will be reported to Student Services, and may result in an “F” as the final grade in the class.

Refer to the bottom of page 449 in your text (Ethical Dilemma: How Much Should You Defer to Those in Power?) Answer the questions on page 450 (13-11, 13-12 and 13-13). Write out the question and the answer. Use material from other chapters as well as chapter 13 to support your answers.

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