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This is a five paragraph essay. Both the rough draft and the final draft of this essay must be typed

This is a five paragraph essay. Both the rough draft and the final draft of this essay must be typed and double spaced. The rough draft is worth 25 points. Every paragraph must have at least six sentences in it. Also, the thesis statement should be the last sentence in your first paragraph (your introduction). The first sentence in this paragraph should be a hook that will grab the reader’s attention. The conclusion (the fifth paragraph) should also contain your thesis statement, either as a restatement of the thesis statement in your first paragraph or as a paraphrase of it. Since you are comparing and contrasting, these are a list of transition words you should be using in your essay. For comparison, you should use some of these transition words: (just) as, (just) like, alike, same, both, equally, resemble, likewise, in like fashion, in like manner, (in) the same way, and (in) common. For contrast, you should use some of these words: but, yet, however, although, nevertheless, still, instead (of), in contrast, on the other hand, on the contrary, converse(ly), opposite, even though, as opposed to, in spite of, despite, rather than , difference, different(ly), differ from, unlike, and while. Use the following transition words in these locations in your essay:
1. Begin the second paragraph with the word “First.”
2. Start the third paragraph with the word “Second.”
3. The fourth paragraph should begin with the word “Finally.”
4. The fifth paragraph should start with the words “In conclusion.”
I do not want you to use the phrase “in my opinion” in this essay. You should only use the following pronouns if you are answering question # 3 (the third topic I have given you from which to choose) and then only for the last parts of this question/topic: “I”, “me”, “my”, “mine” , and “myself”. If you answer either one of the other questions (#’s 1 or 2 from the selection of essay topics), please do not use any of the aforementioned pronouns. Keep this in mind: all of these essay topics are asking you to both compare and contrast. You can do both of these things in the same paragraphs. This would include your second, third, and fourth paragraphs. In addition, you need a title for this essay, and in this title, you should identify which songs you are comparing and contrasting.

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