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This assignment is intended to increase your awareness of service interactions and make you more ana

This assignment is intended to increase your awareness of service interactions and make you more analytical about the service interactions you have.

You have a number of service encounters in your weekly routine and this assignment requires that you keep a journal or diary of these encounters. These include, visits to restaurants, entertainment venues, hotels, housing/apartment rental office, cable and telephone services etc. Please complete journal entries for 5 situations (see journal below) you encounter in the first 4 weeks of the course.

It is advisable that you capture variety in your service encounters. They should involve different service contexts such as involving fact to face or technology, or some may be satisfying while other may involve dissatisfaction and involve different industries. Journal entries must be typewritten and submitted to Canvas.
Use your journal entries to write an analysis of your service encounters. Use the GAPS model and any other relevant concepts covered in the course to analyze each of the situations covered in your journal.

In the first part of your paper describe the organizations and factors that are responsible for delivering good service and customer satisfaction. In the second part of your paper describe that the situations involving bad service and customer dissatisfaction and the factors that are responsible. The third part of your paper should be an analysis across all the service encounters. Do the causes of satisfaction and dissatisfaction vary among the cases? What can be generalized across the situations and what aspects and unique to only one or some and if so why? In your last paragraph summarize what you learned from this project. Also explain how it will make you a better manager.

This analysis paper should be no more than 4 pages single-spaced 12 point font. Please note that if you submit a paper that does not confirm to this format it will be reformatted to 12 point single space font. Please do not submit separate files for each journal entry. Simply copy each file into the Appendix of your report and numbering them.

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