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These questions are on the novel Don Quixote. The questions are talking about the character Don Quix

These questions are on the novel Don Quixote. The questions are talking about the character Don Quixote. There is a lot of links online to this story if you have any questions please do not be afraid to ask. This paper needs to be turned in by 3:00 pm tomorrow the latest. Thank you.
1) How is the character in physical, psychological, social, etc.
2) What is the main challenge or obstacle that the protagonist seeks to solve?
3) What methods do you use to overcome this challenge? Is successful? Defend your answers.
4) What messages or meanings are seen when perceiving the protagonist as a universal symbol of the work? That is, if the character is metaphor, what possible symbolic meanings are there when seeing his actions and words in the social context of the work?

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