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Then, your argument needs to focus on an even more narrow facet. Let’s say you want to write about r

Then, your argument needs to focus on an even more narrow facet. Let’s say you want to write about race-based discrimination. Is your argument about racism in employment? In money lending? In education? In policing? In dating apps? You’ll need to focus on only one topic because if you attempt to tackle the entire concept of racism in America, your 1000 words will be broad and vague. A narrow topic lends itself to depth, analysis, and elaboration.

Writing Process
Once you have selected your topic, you should begin doing preliminary research. As you search through a range of sources (news, scholarly sources, popular sources), consider the following questions:
What are people saying about this topic in the public sphere?
In the academic sphere?
Who are the stakeholders in this issue? (Who is invested in it? Who cares?)
With whom do you agree and disagree?

After you have collected some research, craft your argument based on your own position on this issue. Your position should be supported with reasoning and with research (3-4 sources). You should acknowledge a range of perspectives on this issue in your paper. However, the purpose should be to articulate your position; therefore, while you may reference opposing viewpoints and give a brief overview of the issue, the bulk of your paper should be focused on supporting your claims and providing evidence. The topic I choose is Racial Profiling

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