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The topic of my paper will be about air pollution. ENGL 1302 Causa

The topic of my paper will be about air pollution.

ENGL 1302 Causal Argument Essay Assignment


To write a causal argument to explore an effect with multiple causes or a cause with multiple effects using appropriate evidence that includes a visual of some kind that the student creates or cites.


A key attribute of being a critical thinker is being able to draw logical conclusions of causality. As critical thinkers, we must be able to look at the available, appropriate evidence and draw logical conclusions. Many controversial issues are often posited to have many causes or consequences depending on the author’s perspective. Critical thinkers need to be able to sort through the facts to draw their own conclusions.

Critical thinking skills you are developing in this assignment:

Inquiry: Avoid jumping to conclusions. You should examine and question assumptions about causality or underlying biases or prejudices. You should critically examine your own opinions to make sure they are supportable by the evidence you gather.

Support: Develop a pattern of causation concerning your particular issue (see pages 244-245). Using this pattern, show causation using evidence to support your argument.

Synthesis: Put your conclusions in context with the opinions and insights of other people. This is called synthesis, and it is covered in Chapter 19. You will need to consult outside sources. Your instructor will provide guidelines for appropriate and useful sources.

Conclusion: The causal argument you make about your topic must be based on specific evidence and must be objectively supportable.

Visual: Include one visual that the student creates or can cite that illustrates a point in the assignment.


After reading Chapter 11 – Causal Arguments, consider the topic you will be using to write your proposal paper later in the term. Use this to identify some casual chain to write about in this paper. If you need ideas, browse the pages of a newspaper or news source or examine the topics in the Readings of your textbook to discover possible topics. Please remember that you must get your topic approved. Yours essay will need to be between 1200-1500 words; MLA format. You will need additional research for this essay: at least 4 sources (no more than 6), 2 of which need to be scholarly sources from the library databases. Make sure you present your causal claim near the beginning of your essay, usually toward the end of your introductory paragraph.

You will need to decide on an approach which you can support using evidence. If needed, please refer to Chapter 11 for different forms causal arguments can take, particularly pages 244-245. As you develop your claim, consider the audience’s potential objections to your claim and account for them in your discussion. Don’t forget about establishing an ethos that helps you gain credibility with your audience. Also, be careful about potential logical fallacies.


All ACC students who take ENGL 1302 must write a causal argument as described in this assignment sheet. To successfully complete this assignment, which is worth 20% of your grade, you must follow your instructor’s specific directions about essay topics. You should select a topic that is related to your proposal paper, the final paper for this class.

This essay is due in three parts: Rough Draft, Peer Review, and Final Draft.

The rough draft gets posted to the discussion board. You will complete three peer reviews and post them in the discussion board. The final draft will be submitted for grading via the link under the Assignments area of the course.


Imagine and address an audience that is hostile to your position but willing to listen.

Deadlines and Submissions

Follow the deadlines for each part of this assignment as listed on your course calendar. Be sure to complete each upload to Blackboard as scheduled on the calendar. Completed (rough) drafts must be within 90% of the minimum final word-count to receive credit. Each draft deadline you miss will lower the grade by 5 points; each peer review you miss will lower the grade by 10 points.

Grading Criteria

In addition to the general information provided in the syllabus, the following grading policies apply to this essay:

• Essays that are more than 10% outside the assigned word range will receive a 0 regardless of the quality of the work. When you check the word count of your essay, remember that headings, titles, and works cited pages do not count.
• Essays that are so riddled with grammatical and mechanical errors that a reader must struggle to understand the basic meaning of sentences will receive a failing grade regardless of the quality of the ideas.
• Essays that contain unsupported claims or that rely on disreputable research sources will be penalized by at least one letter grade. If you have questions about the credibility of a source, seek the instructor’s approval well before the essay deadline.

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