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The revision of the paper is due tomorrow morning. He corrected my original paper. It can only be on

The revision of the paper is due tomorrow morning. He corrected my original paper. It can only be one page.

Here are the instructions for the commentary:
These short, formal papers are designed to demonstrate or establish basic competency in formal writing. Commentaries are formal essays in which you discuss and explore an important aspect, idea, or theme in a work of literature. They should be focused on the text itself, not background material or historical context: what are the main ideas and viewpoints expressed in the text? What interesting and significant thematic problem does it develop? What significant imagery does it employ? What is a key quotation?
Commentaries should be double-spaced, one-inch margins, Calibri 11 or 12 font, three paragraphs, with a title and a Work Cited given in full, all on a single page. I will not accept your commentary if any part of it extends to the back or to a second page. The first and third paragraphs should have exactly three sentences; the middle paragraph at least four (a good paper will develop the middle paragraph with as many additional sentences as the page allows). Each commentary should quote from the text just one time, using MLA documentation. The quotation should be significant and must be embedded in the middle paragraph; i.e., not in the first or last sentence, and should be introduced by your own words, not free standing in its own sentence. Be sure to follow your quotation with an explanation, analysis, interpretation, disagreement, or other form of commentary on that specific quotation. Avoid self-referential comments, references to “the reader,” evaluative comments about a text’s “effectiveness,” the use of “seems” and “appears,” and mere summarizing. I do not want to see phrases like “throughout the work,” or introductions to quotations that begin with “It has been said” or “So-and-so says it best.” Don’t use the words “truly” as an intensifier or “utilize” when “use” will do. Don’t give agency to “society” as in these phrases: “Society tells her” and “Society made him believe.” Never refer to anyone’s “comfort zone.” Don’t use the phrase “in the book” as though you are looking into something and then describing what you see. Avoid phrases like the writer is “able to” or “uses,” phrases that are usually unnecessary or inappropriate.
Elsewhere in this syllabus I supply my own sample commentary as a “template” for you to use in your own writing; you will also find a checklist for you to follow to see that your paper conforms to all the rigorous rules and requirements for the Davies Commentary ©.

Checklist for commentary:
Checklist for Commentaries; Professor Davies

1. My paper uses Calibri 11 or 12 font throughout. _______
2. I have a title that reveals the content of my commentary. _____________
3. My introduction has exactly three sentences. _______________
4. I do not use a quotation in my introduction. ______________
5. My introduction reveals the main subject or idea of my commentary, with the third sentence making a claim about that subject or idea. __________
6. My development paragraph is four or more sentences long. ___________
7. I do not use a quotation in the first sentence of my development. ___________
8. My development focuses on the main subject or idea mentioned in the introduction. _________
9. I have chosen a quotation that is appropriate to the subject and that says something important about it. _______
10. I lead into the quotation in my own words, rather than starting the quotation at the beginning of a sentence. ________
11. My lead-in and the quotation together form a grammatically correct sentence. _______
12. My source is quoted exactly. _________
13. I have properly cited the quotation. ____________
14. I follow up the quotation with a comment, explanation, analysis, or interpretation of the content of the quotation. ________
15. My conclusion has exactly three sentences. ___________
16. My conclusion does not introduce new material or ideas. __________
17. My conclusion summarizes the significance of my analysis/interpretation of the subject matter that I have covered. ______________
18. My conclusion does not contain a quotation. __________
19. I have a complete citation of my sources at the bottom of the page and my citation is correct in all its details: author, title, and publishing information. ______
20. I have checked for correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. ________

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