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The Research Executive Summaries are designed to provide you with a vehicle of individual expression

The Research Executive Summaries are designed to provide you with a vehicle of individual
expression not found in the typical examination setting. They afford the student the opportunity
to pursue an idea or interest in more depth than may be provided by the design of the course.
Paper 1 should deal with some aspect of the material in the first third of the course. Paper 2
should deal with some aspect of the material in the second third of the course. Finally, Paper 3
should deal with some aspect of the material in the last third of the course.

Your first paragraph should contain a “thesis statement”: an expression of your personal position
on the issue. I do not wish you to simply describe something. I want you to take a position and
support it with relevant sources. I want to see something of you in the paper (but not simply an
opinion piece). Do not simple present material discussed in your text or that we discuss in class.
I am asking you to do original research. No biographies; no personal case studies of which you
were a part.

After choosing your topic, a good place to begin your research is in the articles mentioned in the
footnotes in your text. Please make sure to employ academic sources, not simply popular press
sources. If you have a question concerning whether a topic may be appropriate, please see me.
Each paper should be submitted in both hard copy and Word (or PDF) file format (12-point,
CG Times or Times New Roman font, double-spaced, 1” margins) and no more than two pages
in length (not including your title page, your references page, and any charts and graphs that you
may attach as appendices). Papers not properly formatted or greater than two pages will receive
a deduction. (Someone once said that is far more difficult to write concisely than to ramble on.
This will also insure that no one gets the idea that a longer paper will receive a higher grade
leading to the emergence of competitive norms regarding length.) Make sure your topic is
narrow enough to be adequately dealt with in two pages. Do not sacrifice depth for breadth.

No Blogs! (even if published in conjunction with a respectable magazine like Forbes or
Psychology Today). Blogs are typically written by freelance writers with little expertise in the
area and designed to provide superficial treatment of issues to attract you to the page (and hope
that you will click on those ads for dating services, magazines, or for-profit colleges). No
general interest resource sites like “” “” “”
“” “” or any of the dozens of others that are really designed to
help junior high school students write superficial essays (and, again, are there to attract you to
banner ads). As I have said no .edu sites! No sites that are sponsored by a consultant or
consulting company trying to solicit your business (e.g., No newsletters
that may provide management “tips” for their members.

Also, please make no references to other org behavior textbooks, obscure newspapers (or
journals) and, as I have said, websites from other colleges or universities.
The best Internet sources are academic articles originally published in journals and now available
electronically through search engines licensed to our library (such as Academic Search Premier,
LexisNexis Academic, ABI/Inform, Business Source Premier). If you use such resources, cite
the original physical article in your Reference List and NOT the search engine or portal that
pointed you to it. The very best academic (scientific) journals in the area of organizational
behavior are: Academy of Management Journal, Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of
Applied Psychology, Journal of Management, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision
Processes (formerly titled Organizational Behavior and Human Performance), Organization
Science, Personnel Psychology, and Strategic Management Journal.

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