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The purpose of this writing assignment is to analyze and persuade your boss about the managerial imp

The purpose of this writing assignment is to analyze and persuade your boss about the managerial implications of multitasking. Specifically, you will examine quantitative research articles related to the topic of multitasking, and you will extrapolate to explain the potential managerial impacts of multitasking on the job.

Assume you are an intern, and the owner of the company has asked you to help him/her develop company policies or guidelines regarding multitasking. The company you work for has recently experienced some costly incidents from employees multitasking on the job. Therefore, the owner wants to better understand the implications of employee multitasking for recruitment, selection, job training, job design, how the work environment is physically setup, employee management, etc.

You will first provide general information about multitasking in the INTRODUCTION section of the template. Respond to as many of the required template’s prompts as possible to net the highest score. Do not merely repeat information from the claims. You may need to use new and more general, big-picture sources for the INTRODUC-TION section. Make sure to use direct quotes for all your information. Paraphrasing is not permitted in this section.
Next, you will identify three (3) claims/arguments about multitasking. Keep in mind you should state each claim as simply as possible, and you must be able to extrapolate each claim’s managerial implications to the workplace. In addition, each claim or argument about multitasking should be different or unique from the other claims/ arguments. In other words, don’t repeat the same claim or argument multiple times. (HINT: Find your evidence first, and then write/word your claim. Don’t write the claim without knowing the specific evidence you will use to support it.)

Use a different article to support each of the three (3) claims. Specifically, you will provide at least one (1) piece of data-driven evidence from a PRIMARY research source. In other words, you need to provide relevant NUMBERS to prove your three (3) claims are true. The graders and I won’t just take your word for it, and neither will others who read your writing in your future career. We will also NOT accept “expert” opinions or summaries of data without the actual supporting data, research findings, numbers, or statistics.

Describe the purpose, design, and methodology of the report/study you are using as evidence. Briefly note whether the source has any biases, agendas, or conflicts of interest the reader should know about. Also, mention whether the research has any limitations or weaknesses based on its design, sample, methodology, etc.

Finally, you will need to INTERPRET the managerial implications of each piece of evidence to explain its relevance to the specific claim or argument you are making. Evidence does NOT stand on its own nor speak for itself. The writer must connect the dots, so to speak, between the evidence and the point you are attempting to make about how multitasking potentially impacts the workplace. You connect the dots by interpreting the evidence and explaining why the evidence is relevant, important, and persuasive, which is one of the ways you add value to this topic. You may need to insert parenthetical citations in this interpretive section.

Finally, in the CONCLUSIONS section, you will briefly restate your claims and summarize your evidence. (Insert the relevant parenthetical citations for your summary information.) In addition, based on the research you present in
Insert and submit your responses using the separate, REQUIRED Word TEMPLATE.
DUE DATE: Friday, February 17, 5:00 PM (US Central Time Zone).
LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR ANY REASON. Submit whatever work you have done before the due date/time.

previous sections, articulate and explain at least three (3) potential managerial recommendations or policies the
owner should consider adopting for his/her company.

This DETAILED Outline Draft of the Persuasive Memo Report will be the foundation for two (2) more writing assignments. A low score on this draft means you will have to work MUCH harder on the next draft or suffer low scores on later drafts as well. Your score on the DETAILED Outline Draft will greatly impact your score for the entire course. Thus, please do everything possible to maximize your score on the DETAILED Outline Draft. Moreover, recovering from a poor effort and poor score is quite difficult.

Plan to invest about 15+ hours on the DETAILED Outline Draft if you intend to earn at least a 70 percent on this assignment. In fact, if you invest the time now, your work will be easier on the two later writing assignments.

For the next draft of the Persuasive Memo Report (i.e. the CONTENT Draft), you will paraphrase your direct quotes into a report format. The INTRODUCTION will be about one-half (1/2) page long (with double spacing), the analysis of the three (3) claims will be about three (3) pages long, and the CONCLUSIONS will be about one (1) page long, for a maximum of 4.5 pages.
In addition to providing parenthetical citations after EVERY direct quote and paraphrase, you will need to provide a MLA-style Works Cited page that lists ALL of the sources you used (but ONLY the sources you used). You MUST effectively use a minimum of four (4) sources without overusing any particular source. Plan to use each article for a separate, unique claim.
Example articles are available to you on the course Canvas site on the “Files” page in the folder for this assignment, but you may need to find other relevant, credible PRIMARY sources on your own. You MUST use PRIMARY sources; SECONDARY sources for data are not permitted. You may only use secondary sources in the INTRODUCTION section.
If you fail to effectively use at least four (4) credible sources, you will receive a deduction of 15 points per article under four (4) sources. Also, you will receive a 5-point deduction for EVERY missing parenthetical citation and a 2-point deduction for EVERY incorrect parenthetical citation.
Please edit your work. Outlines littered with grammatical errors and typos will also receive a deduction, up to 40 points. Again, you may only use the REQUIRED Word TEMPLATE provided, which is posted on Canvas on the “Files” page. No other outline format will be graded. Finally, do NOT modify the REQUIRED Word TEMPLATE in any way except to insert your responses in the appropriate blank cells.

Attached is the required template that you are meant to use to fill in you work with the appropriate instructions on the left hand side.

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