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The opening part of the course reminds us that, for the most part, children and childhood have not b

The opening part of the course reminds us that, for the most part, children and childhood have not been addressed within mainstream sociology. By contrast, children and childhood have found prominent places within psychology as a discipline, which has in turn been further incorporated within other disciplines (education and social work for example), such that it is not unreasonable to suppose psychology contains all knowledge about children and childhood.

This course, however, will stress that an adequate sociology of childhood is crucial to both an adequate understanding of children and childhood, but also necessary for sociology to make any claim to a complete knowledge of society. After all, without children, there can be no such thing as society.

This assignment asks students to respond to the following question:

What theoretical and methodological approaches to children and childhood are distinctively sociological?

You are asked to answer this question in a 4-5 page essay. You may choose to compare and contrast Sociology’s approach to childhood with that of Psychology, but that is not required.

The objective of this assignment is for students to have a clear understanding of the distinctive theoretical and methodological approaches that mark a specifically sociological orientation to children and childhood. Students do not need to do outside reading. The required reading and lectures should be sufficient to address the question.

This is a formal essay, so a cover sheet, page numbering, a reference page, and appropriate citation (ASA, APA, or MLA) is required. Please number your pages (except the cover sheet) and do not use running headings.

You may use the first person tense where appropriate, but in this instance there should be no reason for it because the assignment asks for a description rather than an opinion.
* I will attach the lecture slides and the text book that we are required to use. Those are the two sources needed. If additional sources are needed to be added to make the essay stronger, by all means use other sources as well.*

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