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The objective of this written assignment is to select, read, interpret, and compose your impressions

The objective of this written assignment is to select, read, interpret, and compose your impressions of 3 peer-reviewed studies about a topic of interest to you. The three studies you choose must relate to a topic that we discuss in this course. The Social Psychology Review Paper should include a title page and reference page, and be between 6-7 pages in length. Well-developed content and your original thought is key here. You should not simply copy and paste text directly from the studies (this is plagiarism). The paper should be double-spaced, standard 12 point Times New Roman font, with 1” margins. This Social Psychology Review Paper is required to be composed in APA format.

Be sure to include the following information in your paper:

Titles and authors of your three studies
Names of the journals* and the year of publications
A brief description of each study
Why this topic resonated with you
How the findings of the studies relate to our course
Your general impressions about the studies (this can include strengths, critiques, things you would have done differently if you were the researcher, etc.)
*The 3 studies you select MUST be peer-reviewed articles published in scholarly academic journals.

You may also wish to utilize the guiding questions below when developing your paper.

Guiding Questions for Social Psychology Review Paper:

For critiquing historical, descriptive, or analysis articles, address the following aspects of the article:

Purpose and Social Significance of the Article
Do the author(s) state a problem or need for the article/research?

Do the conclusions match any results?

Do they identify future analysis or areas of research?

Contributions to Human Behavior and Environmental Selection
Does the research add to our knowledge?

What are the implications for your personal or professional world, or academic discipline?

How well is the article written?

How can this article help your perspective on human behavior/environmental selection?

Are there clear transitions from one topic to another?

Does the author make compelling arguments for his or her ideas?

How well do the conclusions flow from the prior discussion?

Personal Reactions
What impact did the article have on your thinking?

In what ways did the article have a personal impact on you?

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