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The goal of this assignment is to explore local media sources to get a sense of the city at the curr

The goal of this assignment is to explore local media sources to get a sense of the city at the current moment, Union City, New Jersey. Reading newspaper articles, informed blog posts (with dates!), and local websites will give you a certain perspective on who is powerful, what are considered problems, and what responses might be. You should begin with the most legitimate local sources: Newark Star Ledger; the Trenonian; Paterson Times; The Hudson Reporter, DNA Info,,
Choose five of what you deem to be the most important articles/sources. Each individual team member should type a bibliographic entry for each story/source. Briefly summarize each story in about 40-50 words (use the five W questions as a guide).
Based on these stories and others that you read, respond to th3e questions below in 200 words.
Who is represented as playing a role in the city? Are they politicians, business people, activists or others from civil society?
What is being covered and what is being left out?
What is the sequence of stories? Which topics are given priority? How much space is dedicated to certain topics compared to others?
What connections can you make to other things you’ve learned about your city (statistics, background reading, observation)

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