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The first 4 pages of the attached file are the instructions of the assignment. The two research pape

The first 4 pages of the attached file are the instructions of the assignment. The two research papers I chose to compare comprise the rest of the file. For the first paper, the key research question could be something along the lines of “What is the impact of elevated GC levels on human perceptual learning?” The second research question might be “Forget, H. et al. (2016) tested whether the surplus of glucocorticoids associated with Cushing’s syndrome have long-lasting effects on cognitive functions from various brain regions even after undergoing curative surgery. ”

Basically, dive deep into the major axes involved in the two studies – both of them deal with the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axes. The detailed instructions are under part C of the first file. No outside sources besides the provided research papers are necessarily required, but might prove useful in exploring the axes.

****The focus should be on the endocrinological aspects of the papers’ findings, and less on the actual study’s methods in conducting the tests.****

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