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The death penalty remains a very controversial element of the criminal justice system. This assignme

The death penalty remains a very controversial element of the criminal justice system. This assignment will provide students the opportunity to explore opposing arguments about death penalty policy and explain how this policy fits within the framework of justice.

In this writing assignment, students will need to:

• Identify two arguments in support of the death penalty and two arguments in opposition to the death penalty. Can these arguments be supported with verifiable data? Explain. (For example, if someone supports the death penalty because they believe the costs to taxpayers are less than housing someone in prison, do the facts support that claim?)
• Explain how the concept of justice can be achieved in a federal system that permits differences in criminal penalties (including the use of the death penalty) between states.
• Describe the level of support for the death penalty in Texas, as well as nationally.
• Identify the top ten nations that conduct the most executions. Does the United States share much in common with the other nations on that list? What are your thoughts about the U.S.’s death penalty policy after discovering the other nations on the list?
• Your Paper must consist of a minimum of 800 words (799 is not 800), be single spaced, and submitted online through Canvas using Times New Roman 12.
• You must use a minimum of four (4) scholarly sources. Unless otherwise specified herein, your use of internet sources must be limited to official government websites, law journals or law sites such as Findlaw (, University law schools, and scholarly books and journals.
• The following (or similar) are not scholarly sources:
o Wikipedia
o Dictionaries
• Try to confine your use of newspapers and magazines to the following or similar well-respected publications: Time, Newsweek, US News & World Report, The Nation, Fortune, Business Week, National Review, The New Republic, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Texas Tribune, Texas Monthly, and Austin-American Statesman. They all have websites.
• If you are not sure that you can use a source, ask me.
• Use MLA citation format for footnoting sources
• Your Paper’s last page must contain a list of the sources you used: Works Cited.

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