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The company I have to do research on is amazon, Please write the paper using this outline, > Lean

The company I have to do research on is amazon,
Please write the paper using this outline,
Lean Systems
i. To what extent the company implement just-in-time operations
1. Push method vs Pull method
2. Characteristics (including continuous improvement and kanban)
ii. Operational benefits and implementation issues
Supply Chain Design and Integration
i. Supply chains for services and manufacturing. To what extent the firm
implements SCM
ii. Inventory and supply chains
1. How large inventories and safety stocks for RM, WIP, FG
2. Costs of inventory
3. Types of inventory
4. ABC analysis
iii. Measures of supply chain performance (e .g., Inventory turnover and
weeks of supply)
iv. Mass customization
v. Outsourcing processes
vi. Supply chain strategies: efficient versus responsive supply chains
vii. Supply chain dynamics (e.g., external causes, internal causes)
viii. New service or product development process
ix. Supplier relationship process
x. The order fulfillment process (e.g., inventory placement, VMI?, RFID?)
xi. The customer relationship process (e.g., e-commerce, B2C, B2B)
xii. Levers for improved supply chain performance
xiii. Supply chains and the environment

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