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The case study is to be turned in by week 6. The case study is laid out below. Please answer all

The case study is to be turned in by week 6. The case study is laid out below. Please answer all the questions. Give yourself ample time to complete this assignment. It is highly encouraged that you interview a real CIO at a company. It can be a startup, established company or a large corporation. If you have a hard time finding one, see if you can reach out on social media to find a CIO via Linked in or identify if your friends or family have connection to a CIO. This case study will give you a really good idea of what a CIO is and what their role is in an organization as well as it will help you explore an Information Technology Department. It will open your eyes to how technology in a company is organized to support all the efforts of the company or corporation. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I highly suggest you start early on this so you can do a thorough job. It is expected that the case study be 1200-1500 words in length and use APA guidelines which includes double spacing, with references, a title page, running header, page counts etc. For guidelines on APA formatting please see the APA overview. Also note you will have four weeks to work on this case study.

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