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The assignment’s main tasks and components are these: Task 1) Choose a substantial issue currently i

The assignment’s main tasks and components are these:
Task 1) Choose a substantial issue currently in the news (or in the news in 2016-17)
that involves professional ethics or professional morality (preferably an issue from a professional area that’s relevant to your professional interests)
Task 2) Write a ‘Case-Study Brief’ in which you summarize the issue’s situation and participants, briefly identify the profession and professional/public servant for whom there is/are ethical issues in the case, briefly identify the issue’s specific ethical questions and broader ethical questions.
Task 3) Write a 600-1000 words (longer is okay) analysis of the case, its central ethical question, your response to this central ethical question, your defense of your response, and at least one objection (with reasons) to your response.
(Below are very specific directions for ‘building’ your Short Paper Assignment)

Task 1) Appropriate selection of your paper’s for case study and analysis:
• Choose a substantial issue currently in the news (or in the news in 2016-17) that involves professional ethics or professional morality in a medical setting.
• Key tip: the essence of a good issue for an ethical case study is controversy.
• Look for issues that involve or touch on professional ethical concerns we’ve studied so far: professionalism, ethical codes, professional duties/obligations, clients’ rights, client-professional relationship, truth, lying, deception, privacy, secrecy, confidentiality, and trust.
• Good sources are 1) newspapers (New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Albuquerque Journal, Santa Fe New Mexican—online or hard copy in Zimmerman Library); 2) substantial news broadcasts (PBS Newshour, 60 Minutes, CNN Health, CNN Money); 3) news websites (e.g. theintercept, nytimes,, theweek) or websites for the television news above (cnn, moneycnn, 60 Minutes (60 Minutes runs a lot of stories related to ethics) 4) magazine websites (Time, Journal of the American Medical Association); and 5) Google or Bing searches, of course.
• Any source that’s shorter than three paragraphs (or shorter than 7 minutes of TV news time) is probably not going to yield you the detail you need.
• A few more tips: don’t choose an issue that has as its ethical concern the duty/obligation to support one’s family; as a general rule, don’t write on ‘professional’ athletes or entertainment figures; make sure that the ethical/moral issue you choose is indeed a professional ethical or moral issue.

Task 2) Writing your Case Study Brief:
• The narrative summary of your case (see Template below) should tell the story of the situation. Using the “5Ws” may be helpful: tell What happened, Who is involved, When did it take place, Where did it take place, Why did it happen? (you might add, How did it happen? if relevant)
• The narrative summary of your Case should be 300-500 words, more or less as suits you. (At the end of this assignment document is a simplified example of such a Case summary that I’ve borrowed from a colleague, though it’s on the short side of length and not especially inspiring in the beauty of language—you can do far better….)
• Below your narrative summary, you’ll identify with brief statement or list the following information, each piece on its own line (shown in the Case Study Brief format at the end of this document)
1. NameandcitethesourcereferenceforyourCase
2. Name the Profession and the Professional(s)/Public Servant(s) for whom
there is ethical/moral issue(s) in your Case.
3. Name what you take to be the central, specific ‘Normative Ethical
Problem” in your case. (You’ll remember from earlier in the course that normative ethics is the study of ethical action, so a normative ethical problem asks or questions, in specific terms, about the action that should be taken. Question #2 of Case 4.4 (EAP 225) speaks such a problem, and as you’ll see in the Case 4.4 example, it may take several questions to express the aspects or dimensions of the central normative ethical problem of a case.

Task 3) Writing your Case Study Analysis
• Problem. Your analysis should begin with what you take to be the central, specific ‘Normative Ethical Problem” in your case—the problem you’ve named for item #3 under your Case Study Brief above. So, in one or more paragraphs, identify and explain what you take to be the central, specific ‘Normative Ethical Problem” of your case. Your analysis might begin, “The central ethical problem posed by this case is…..”
• Claimed Solution. Your next paragraph(s) should make a definite claim or proposal which aims to answer or ‘solve’ the problem; that is, you’ll speak what you think one should do in the case of your Case and its central ethical problem. Your ‘solution’ paragraph might begin, “I take the best response to this problem to be…..” or “I shall argue that the best response to this problem is…..”
• Argument. The main of your Case Study Analysis should analyze/explain the key facts of your Case and defend your solution with explanation of your reasons/reasoning and/or evidence justifying your solution. Your reasoning should include discussion of at least one ethical viewpoint, position, or theory from at least one of course readings to date. Quotation from that source is recommended.
• Opposition. Briefly state the strongest objection to your solution that you discern and briefly present an objector’s possible defense for that objection.
• Your Case Study Analysis should be 600-1000 words (longer is fine).

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