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The 4 sources I need to use throughout the paper: Shirazi, Faegheh. Muslim Women in War and Crisis:

The 4 sources I need to use throughout the paper:

Shirazi, Faegheh. Muslim Women in War and Crisis: Representation and Reality. Austin:
U of Texas, 2010. Print.

McElroy, Wendy. Liberty for Women: Freedom and Feminism in the Twenty-first
Century. Chicago: Ivan R. Dee, 2002. Print.

Sikri, Rehana. Women in Islamic Culture and Society: A Study of Family, Feminism and
Franchise. New Delhi: Kanishka Distributors, 1999. Print.

Hirsi Ali, Ayaan. Infidel. Pocket Books, 2008.

English 300 Prof. Davies
Assignment for paper on Freedom and Equality in America

Format: similar requirements as the commentary papers, but a length of three to four pages, quoting one time each from the Declaration of Independence and King’s Letter from a Birmingham jail, three of our other five sources (Washington, Thoreau, Douglass, Lincoln, and Hirsi Ali’s) and one outside source (either a book or journal article from the library, but not from an internet website). There should be a total of six quotations. Make sure your quotations are fully embedded in your text and that you follow the basic rules for writing a paper. This paper may make use of previous work done in the commentaries and quotation exercises. Indicate on your paper whether you are using MLA, APA, or Chicago style documentation. Do not include a title page or a separate page for your references/works cited.

We have followed readings in American history that assume that we are all equal and free, and that the rights of the individual are prior to and more important than the state, and in which an appeal is often made to God as author of those rights. This has led to an American tradition of seeking to more fully realize those rights for its citizens. This includes the practice of civil disobedience by people acting on a “higher law” than the laws of the country, in order to truly live by the principles upon which our nation was founded.

Write a paper in which you explain these developments in American political life, arguing that the course of American history, however flawed by oppressions and injustices, is toward what the Constitution calls “a more perfect union.”

You should focus on just one of these for your paper:

1.The appeal to God; Do you see this as a positive aspect of American political life? What is the motivating intent of this appeal? What are its practical consequences?

2.The achievement of political equality for all citizens, including African-Americans, women, or other groups.

3. The practice of civil disobedience as an intrinsic part of American political life.

Organization: Follow my other guidelines. Your introduction (one paragraph) should introduce the subject as you understand it. It should include a statement of your views on this issue; remember, this should be an argument, so you will be making claims. The body of the paper (three—five paragraphs) should give historical background, definitions, examples, etc. The conclusion (one paragraph) should give a sense of the significance of the subject and your argument.

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