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TEAM PAPER (200 points): As a team, you will be writing one short paper (4-8 pages) in which you rev

TEAM PAPER (200 points): As a team, you will be writing one short paper (4-8 pages) in which you review then discuss how to apply concepts we have discussed in chapter readings from our textbook to understand or interpret either a personal work experience.
Example: Chapter 6 reviews listening to and reading non verbal messages. A typical example outline for this short paper may be as follows…
• Introduce and summarize the topic
• Describe its important in the communication process
• Discuss common scenarios in a workplace setting where interpreting this is critical
• When is it done poorly?
• When is it done correctly?
• What would be the keys to making the topic effective?
• What lessons can be learning

Our project is based off of Emotional Intelligence, the topic i need to write about is Self- Management. Mind you I have 4 team members so each of them are doing a different topic which will accumulate to our 4-8 pages.
Here are some concepts that make up self management that you can include in the short page.
Different pillars that make up self-management
-Stress-resistance, problem solving, communication, time management, memory.
Tips to control Self Management:
-Remain aware of feelings. Keep a journal. Pay attention to “self talk”.
I’m asking for 5 sources, but you dont need that many. Just enough to talk about the topic Also you dont need to put my name professor school etc

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