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teaching philosophy essay: Paragraphs 1 and 2: Begin with a quote from your most respected educator

teaching philosophy essay:
Paragraphs 1 and 2: Begin with a quote from your most respected educator, theorist or philosopher. Explain the quote and relate it to today’s classroom environment. Then go about explaining the significance of education during the early childhood years. Tie your perspective to brain research about the importance of the early years of development being the most important for future school success.

Paragraph 2: Describe your interest in working with diverse student populations and their families. Include the importance for children to accept and welcome diversity and develop cultural sensitivity for all people. Mention your empathy and cultural self-awareness skills. English language learners and student who have special needs are populations that you could address. Include your perspective on how teachers can bridge the achievement gap for students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

Paragraph 3: Why do you want to become an early childhood education teacher? What are the factors that influence your decision to pursue this career? What are characteristics do you possess that make you an optimum early childhood teacher? (Target preschool or kindergarten through third grade, depending on your interest.).Provide examples.

Paragraph 4: Discuss developmentally appropriate practices. How do you nurture and develop emergent literacy skills? How do you help children understand mathematics concepts? Describe specific examples for each and relate to theory.

Paragraph 5: What are your strongest characteristics or talents as a potential early childhood educator? How do you use art, music, and movement activities to provide active learning opportunities? How do you advance the physical,

Paragraph 6: Describe the importance of social and emotional development of young children and what impact do these areas have on academic growth? How do you nurture the positive mental health skills of your future students? How do you incorporate positive guidance for classroom management?

Paragraph 7: Summarize your overall philosophy and relate it to your personal life. Include your perspective on diverse student populations and their families.

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