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Taxonomy, the science of classifying organisms, is a challenging one. Scientists are constantly rec

Taxonomy, the science of classifying organisms, is a challenging one. Scientists are constantly reclassifying organisms. Several classic mistakes made were classifying Archaea as Bacteria, Fungi as Plantea and Oomycota as Fungi.

Describe what characteristics would make scientists think that this original characteristics were correct and what shared,derived characteristics indicate the current accepted classification (Archaea as its own domain, Fungi as it own kingdom more closely related to Animalia, and Oomycota as protists).

Notes: All domains, kingdoms and phyla should be capitalized. Protists only needs to capitalized at the start of a sentence. Others that should not be capitalized except at the start of the sentence are – plant, animal, oomycetes.

• Use proper capitalization and italics
o All sentences start with a capital letter
o Only proper nouns should be capitalized (I try to indicate those in the essay question)
o All taxonomic ranks from domain to family must be capitalized
o All genera ranks should be capitalized and italicized
o All species names (binomial) should be italicized with the genus also capitalized
• Do not use familiar language such as I, we, you or us
• Do not use etc. – this is not a timed essay so write all the evidence out. Using etc. indicates you do not know the material
• Except for DNA, RNA or ATP, do not use abbreviations without first spelling out the entire word
• Check all spelling – that squiggly red line is there to help
• Check for correct usage of homonyms such as their, there or accept, except
• Use proper punctuation
• Make sure nouns and verbs agree
o For example – Bacteria is plural and bacterium is singular
• Avoid run-on sentences or fragments

• An essay is made of multiple paragraphs; single paragraphs will not be graded
o The first paragraph should be your introduction
o Depending on how you set-up your evidence, you should have multiple paragraphs of evidence
o The final paragraph should be your conclusion
• Organization is key. Create a short outline to organize your thoughts before writing.
• Avoid familiar language or flowery language. This essay is an example of technical writing, not creative writing
• Paragraph length
o A paragraph is not one or two sentences. Either you do not have enough information for that paragraph or the sentences fit with another one.
o Paragraphs should never be the length of an entire page (12pt font, double spacing). Science writing requires shorten paragraphs with a specific point
• Each paragraph must have a specific point. Multiple points lead to disorganized thoughts and writing and paragraphs that are too long
• The essay should be easy to read.
• Your essay cannot be more the 5 pages (12pt font, double spacing).
o I do not want you writing everything you know about a topic. I am asking a specific question and want a specific answer
o Going over in length also illustrates that you may not understand the material because you cannot figure out the correct answer.

• Answer the question in its entirety
• You are only allowed to use your notes from class and the textbook
• The information given must be factual correct.
• Do not use metaphors to explain your evidence. Many times the chosen metaphors are not an accurate or correct way to describe the evidence

Mason Raven & Johnson Biology 9th txtbk, additional resource provided and only this one:

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