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Strange New Land: Guidelines for essay 1. Essays should be typed & double-spaced and submitted as

Strange New Land: Guidelines for essay

1. Essays should be typed & double-spaced and submitted as a Word document in the Assignments folder. Your essay should be a minimum of two pages in length (there is no maximum page length — to answer the five questions below, you should plan to go over the 2-page minimum. If you turn in a 2-page paper, you can expect a “C” grade since that is the minimum expectation for the assignment. Include your name and title at the top of the first page.

2. This paper will analyze Peter Wood’s book Strange New Land. Your paper should discuss the following questions (spend at least one paragraph on each question):

a) What was the experience and status of Africans in America prior to 1650? (Chapters 1-2)
b) What is the “Terrible Transformation” that Wood describes in his book, and how did this impact Africans in America? (Chapters 3-4)
c) What was life like for Africans in America in the 18th century? Focus in particular on their patterns of work and culture covered in Chapters 5-6. Be sure to give equal treatment for both chapters.
d) Discuss the various ways that slaves resisted the institution of slavery. (Chapter 7)
e) What impact did the American Revolution have on Africans and slavery? (Chapter 8)

You will be graded on how effectively and comprehensively you answer the above questions. I’m not expecting you to include every point from every sentence in the book; rather, I want you to discuss the main themes and significant points for each question (based on the material found in each chapter), and give multiple examples to illustrate your points. You should go through each chapter and identify the various key points made by the author.

3. Be sure to cite all ideas that are not your own. If the words are exactly those of the author, make sure that you use quotations, and include the page number where you found the quote at the end of the sentence. Here is an example of a pretend quote from page 10 of the book: “blah blah blah blah.” (10)

Most of this paper should be in YOUR OWN words, meaning that only a limited number of quotes should be necessary to illustrate your point. Changing one or two words of a sentence from the book is NOT considered your own work. Too many quotes limits your own analysis, so you should aim for less than 20% of quoted material in your paper (all papers are run through, so you will see your originality report with a percentage on it). The key is your own analysis — I want to hear what you have to say (in your own words) rather than stringing together a bunch of quotes. PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THE “GUIDELINES FOR WRITING ASSIGNMENTS” SECTION IN THE SYLLABUS PRIOR TO WRITING THIS PAPER.

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