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Social Statistics SOC 3112-090 Extra Credit Assignment (Response Paper): THREE points in total. Re

Social Statistics
SOC 3112-090

Extra Credit Assignment (Response Paper): THREE points in total.
Response Paper


• To think critically about what you learned throughout the semester;
• To detect and evaluate the use and abuse of statistics in the real world.


Find a recent (2010 or later) newspaper or magazine article that incorporates any of the topics we go over in class.

Then, write an essay to evaluate to what extent the statistical evidence presented supports the argument(s) made and/or to identify additional statistical approaches that might have been used to further substantiate the argument(s).

When writing this essay, make sure you use terminology discussed in the text and in class. Within your essay, underline all of the terms/concepts you learned in class and applied to the evaluation of this news article.

The essay should be approximately 1-2 single space pages or 2-4 double space pages using a 12-pt. font with one-inch margins on all sides of the page.

I have found an article I would like used. It is the washington post article on guns posted above. The attachment is the text I deem best used to refer to as far as the “text” mentioned in rubric above.

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