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SCHOLARLY ARTICLE Introduction Research is an extremely important part of every discipline. Research

Research is an extremely important part of every discipline. Research in sociology serves a vital
role in the development and refining of theory, it describes complex social phenomenon and test
hypotheses, and it helps guide policy. As a student, throughout your academic career you will be
asked to write research papers and conduct literature reviews. You may even be asked to carry
out a research study in a class or as part of a capstone project. This assignment is meant to be an
introduction to teach you how to find and consume academic research.
Throughout the semester we will be learning about numerous topics in sociology—some of
which you will undoubtedly find more interesting than others. You are required to find and
briefly summarize *1 research article on any topic covered in class. This paper (discussed below)
is due the Friday in which the related topic is assigned. For example, if you choose to find and
summarize an article on anything related to gender and sexuality (chapter 10) then the paper is
due on the Friday of week 9 (10-21).
You must choose an article from a peer-reviewed academic journal. Below is a non-exhaustive
list of some quality academic journals you may use. It is strongly suggested that you stick to one
of these journals. Use google scholar or the campus library to find an article.
American Sociological Review; The American Sociologist; Behavior and Social Issues;
Contexts; Contemporary Sociology; Cultural Sociology; The International Journal of Sociology
and Social Policy; International Social Science Journal; Journal of Applied Social Science;
Journal of Social Issues; Learning, Culture, and Social Interaction; Race and Social Problems;
Journal of Sociology; Social Change; Social Forces; Social Problems; Social Science Quarterly;
Sociology; Criminology; Journal of Research on Crime and Deviance; Deviant Behavior; Justice
Quarterly; American Journal of Sociology; Annual Review of Sociology; Social Problems.
Paper Requirements
In a 2 – 3 page paper, you are required to a) describe the purpose of the article (any hypotheses
or research questions?); b) *briefly describe the main findings or conclusions; c) explain if the
author appear to take a functionalist, conflict, or symbolic interactionist approach; and d) provide
some concluding thoughts.
Use complete sentences, multiple paragraphs, and proper grammar. All papers must be typed and
double-spaced. Use standard font (12 point) and margins (1”). All papers must be turned in to
“SafeAssign.” To do so, from our class Blackboard site select “Contents,” select “Assignment,”
then select “Scholarly Article” and submit your paper.
1) Pick a topic that you are interested in.
2) Pick an article that you can understand the basics of what the author(s) did and what they
3) Complete it early if you have time and just wait until it is due to turn it in.
4) Be sure to *completely answer each part of the assignment.

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