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Research Paper and Drafts (35%) In the research paper (7 double spaced pages plus

Research Paper and Drafts (35%) In the research paper (7 double spaced pages plus additional bibliography) students select a Social Movement Organization’s (SMO) or cult of interest to him or her. Drawing upon course concepts (and additional research about the SMO or cult) the paper analyzes its mobilization, ideology, framing, organization and tactics to evaluate how effective the movement or cult has been in achieving its goals and how it might change to be more effective. (It is important to recognize that a student does not have to support the goals of an SMO or cult to analyze it.) Three drafts of this research paper are required. The first draft is for peer review and graded pass/no pass similar to the writing exercises. The second draft students receive extensive feedback from the professor and TAs (5%). A third and final paper is revised based on feedback and turned in (30%). (Details about this research paper are provided below.)
Research Paper Requirements Do research on a social movement organization (SMO) or cult of interest to you. It can be international and/or historical or American and current.
In at least seven typed, double-spaced pages (with additional bibliography) do the following:
Part 1: ASSESS THE FORMS OF MOBILIZATION USED BY THE SMO OR CULT Analyze the forms of mobilization that the SMO or cult uses to gain resources and members. How do they do outreach to gain members?
Part 2: IDENTIFY THE SMO OR CULT’S IDEOLOGY AND FRAMING Identify the ideological orientation(s) of the SMO and why you have come to this conclusion. How have they framed their diagnosis, prognosis and motives for action?
Part 3: ANALYZE THE ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE OF THE SMO OR CULT Is the structure more bureaucratic or collectivist democratic or something else? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of organization for its mobilization and longevity?
Part 4: HOW EFFECTIVE IS THIS SMO OR CULT? ARE YOU PERSUADED TO JOIN? Given the SMO or cult’s mobilization, ideology, framing, organization and tactics would you be interested in becoming involved with it? How effective is the mobilization and framing of this organization? Why? Could it be improved? How?
RESEARCH SOURCES: Use course material in addition to at least :
one book and/or two to three (peer-reviewed) journal articles (suggested readings on the syllabus can be used for one reading).

– For this paper, I am writing about the civil rights movement of the 1960’s but in particular the organization ran by Martin Luther King which was the southern christian leadership conference.

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