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Reproduction in women, specific focus is going to be birth control policies. I already have 2 articl

Reproduction in women, specific focus is going to be birth control policies.
I already have 2 articles that I would like to be used in the paper. I would like to talk about the ways Trump admin is looking to roll back BC mandate, how birth control is used for things other than pregnancy prevention and how doctors say it is good for women, also I would like the paper to highlight how it is an all male govt deciding on birth control policies and how the govt also fund viagra with about $40 million a year.
The first source I would like you to use is from the NY Times and is Titled Trump Admin Set to Roll Back Birth Control Mandate, secondly I would like you to use an article from google scholar called Beyond Birth Control: The Overlooked Benefits of Contraceptive Pills.
Please included things about intersectionality
Lastly, I need to relate it too 1 article we read in class from Everyday Womens and Gender Studies book. The reading I want to use is The Muslim Woman, and relate by talking about how these women are thought to be submissive to men by society but in reality all women are still under a mans power.

This needs to be a formal paper, I am also going to give you the guidelines of how they want it.
1) Introduction – Introduce what your visual project is about and make sure you use formal language to write (like a journal article).

2) Provide some examples of what you included and elaborate using the course readings, notes, links (you can include outside readings, but it’s not a requirement). Do make sure you cite the readings (as you would see done in a journal article). The course materials should be used to support what you are saying about the images, the argument that you are making about intersections of race/class/gender/sexuality/ability, etc.

3) Your conclusion should provide a cohesive end to your argument and pose some solutions about how changing imagery can affect societal interactions/relations (here is where you could include some of what you have learned about feminist groups that are challenging sexist, racist, classist, ableist imageries and the implications for societal relations.

4) Finally, be sure to include a references page.

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