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Read the article entitled “Excellent report on excellence: an ethnographic report on stratification

Read the article entitled “Excellent report on excellence: an ethnographic report on stratification and Olympic swimmers” by Daniel Chambliss.
Write an introduction describing the purpose of the study and how Chambliss carried out his research, about one page in length.
Answer each of the following questions in some detail, about 1.5 pages in length: 1. Why does Chambliss use a sport to examine excellence? 2. What are the different levels in swimming? 3. How does a swimmer move up in level? In other words, what are some of the changes that swimmers can make to improve their performance? 4. Why does Chambliss argue that excellent is mundane?
Apply the notion of excellence to academics by answering this question in your paper, two pages in length: 1. What are some examples of excellence in academics and is talent an adequate explanation of academic success, why or why not? 2. What are some qualitative differences among the levels of academics ( primary, secondary, college)? Here you should think about the requirements of students at each of these levels. 3. What are some specific qualitative changes in the area of technique, discipline, or attitude that could move student between levels (primary, secondary, college) or within a level? It is on this point where I am expecting the most effort and elaboration.

Write your paper with Word using complete sentences and paragraphs, no bullet points or outlines. your paper must be at least 4 to 5 pages in length not counting the cover page (which must be included) the type size should be no larger than 12, margins no longer than 1 inch, and lines double-spaced.

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