Read chapter 4 which covers Europe in the textbook.

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Read chapter 4 which covers Europe in the textbook. Answer the following questions in the required lengths listed below. This essay assignment has several parts. You should answer all the questions as part of one essay. The answer’s won’t necessarily be linked with each other. Simply answer one question in a several paragraphs and move onto the next question. In your exposition of your essay you can interpret the question as broadly as possible or as narrowly as you wish.

You must answer this question in 1,000-1,500 words and citations from the textbook or course resources are not necessary. But better essays tend to be on the longer side.

Europe has developed over the centuries with several geographic advantages. What are these advantages based on your knowledge of the physical geographic, history, economics, and culture? What are some of the challenges Europe has faced based on its relative geography? Finally, spend at least one paragraph explaining your views on the European Union and the forces lead to disunity…

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