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QUESTIONS: Answer All. 1. Describe the role of interest groups in the American political system. Wh

QUESTIONS: Answer All.
1. Describe the role of interest groups in the American political system. Why are the economic interests of producers represented by lobbyists more than the interests of consumers? How are interest groups influential in the policy making process? You may illustrate your arguments with specific examples.

2. We have discussed in class the idea that Congress lacks the right incentives to act in the national interest. Why does it lack them? Please give some examples. Is this a problem? Does this help explain the phenomenon (Fenno’s Paradox) that voters are frequently happy with their representative whilst they are displeased by Congress as a whole?

3. How does a bill become a law? In your answer, be sure to discuss the Congressional committee system in detail and any role that the president may have in the legislative process. Be sure to include the role of rules, and the differences in rules between the two chambers of Congress. (This is not covered in detail in your text, so you may have to do some outside reading to learn more about rules.)

Paper guidelines:

– 4-5 pages double-spaced
– That means a minimum of 4 full pages
– Personal identification, title, restating question, etc., do not count toward minimum length
– 1” margins all around
– 12-point font
– No fixed width fonts (such as Courier or Typewriter) allowed
– Margins and font will be assessed carefully and larger margins or fonts will result in a penalty of 2 full letter grades
– You must indicate which question you are answering
– Paper must be proofread for typos
– All grammatical and spelling errors will adversely affect your grade
– Quotations must be brief and germane
– Use your textbook and class notes; outside sources are not required
– Plagiarism will result in an automatic “F” for the assignment
– Late papers will be penalized one letter grade for each day late

TEXTBOOK USED—> We The People (by Thomas E. Patterson)

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