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Purpose and Goals: This essay asks you to demonstrate some of what you have learned about gender and

Purpose and Goals: This essay asks you to demonstrate some of what you have learned about gender and communication this semester. Your essay should make use of relevant readings from class, application of theories of gender and communication, and outside additional research. Use this forum to address one or more of the topics that we have discussed in class.

Description: Write a 5-7 page analytical essay that critiques a cultural artifact, performance, space, or another artifact with regard to how it treats, constructs, and communicates an aspect of gender. This essay should follow the form of an academic essay, contain a critical claim/thesis developed from your understanding of the artifact and theory from class, and clearly demonstrate your ability to think analytically about gender. You will select a cultural artifact that you would like to analyze—something which interests or intrigues you. You may compare and contrast artifacts, if you wish; or examine a set of artifacts. Artifacts may include but are not limited to a short story, a poem, a speech, a textbook, a film, a television show, a magazine, a website, an advertisement, a music video, a play, a painting, a sculpture, a setting (e.g., a building, office space, campus, city), a performance, or even a relationship (insofar as interpersonal interactions constitute performances). If you have other ideas, feel free to ask me whether those would be appropriate for this assignment. Your goal is to discover what this text communicates about gender and what the implications of such communication are. Minimally, you should address the following questions:

1) What is the social and/or historical context of your chosen text?

2) What are the 3-5 central messages that your text communicating about gender?

3) What are the implications of these messages? Why is it important to consider?

Each essay should meet the following criteria:

– Identify the text you are analyzing and the argument you will be making regarding how the text constructs and communicates gender;
– Describe the text thoroughly yet concisely;
– Analyze and discuss how gender is being constructed and communicated in the text; in so doing, be sure to include evidence from the text and synthesize/incorporate class readings and outside readings as well as the topics raised in class discussion;
– Draw conclusions about the text with respect to the relationship between gender, culture, and communication that it implies.

Make sure your essay fulfills all of the following requirements:

– Your essay will be a 5-7 page typed, double-spaced, and will require at least three (3) outside academic (scholarly) sources, properly cited and incorporated. This does NOT include the artifact under analysis OR your textbook and Canvas readings, which you can and should cite in your paper, but they won’t count towards your three required academic sources. Also, please note that Wikipedia,, etc., do not count as acceptable sources.

– Each source you use must be incorporated into your text via in-text citations and also be included in your Bibliography page.

– Failure to properly cite information implies that you have ownership over the information instead of the author—this can be construed as plagiarism. Plagiarism is a serious form of academic misconduct and will not be tolerated in this course.

– You should APA citation format and must include a Bibliography page at the end of your essay.

– Please note that character size for the paper is not to exceed 12 points; another gauge of appropriate length is that a typewritten page contains about 250 words, so each essay should be between 1250-1750 words.

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